UKSA 2012: Results

S&P have put up the results for this year’s UKSA here

I weighed in at 105.0kg, so definitely in the over 90kg category. Got my XL t-shirt and sat around for a while warming up.

The 35-40 minutes between events was tough to keep warmed up, but the total of 3 minutes competing in events was still worth it.

I came 9th overall, which was disappointing, but I didn’t put enough effort into specifically training for UKSA to complain about that result.

Videos of the 5 events are posted.

The event itself was well organised, with around 50 competitors for each event with smooth changes between rounds, despite the double booking mess up by the venue.

If I’m still eligible I’ll try again next year and hopefully a house purchase won’t interrupt my training plans!

UKSA 2012: Axle Press 80kg

Adam Bell: 80kg Thick Axle Overhead Press for Reps (60 secs limit) Managed 10, almost 11..

I expected to get tired before the time limit – did better than I was expecting – I wanted 7 or 8 reps

UKSA 2012: Farmers Walk 90kg

Farmers walk 90kg each hand for 40 metres, one turn, dropped once :(


Better than last year, but not good enough – I didn’t practice this for the full distance which would’ve helped…

UKSA 2012: Arm over Arm Sled Pull

120kg Sled, 25 Metre rope


The rope on this seems to be thicker than last year. The whole competition was much more taxing on grip than I remember from 2011.

UKSA 2012: Tyre Flip and Sprint

250kg Tyre, flip x 4 with sprints in between

UKSA 2012: Medley

This was my favourite event last year and the only one that I think really tested athleticism.


I was too complacent with my training and expected the same entrants from last year, so I didn’t do as well as I hoped.


55kg Keg 80 or 90kg Sandbag and 160kg Sled

Lift Goals – 2012

I started the year on 165kg Squat / 135kg Bench /  210kg Deadlift and set myself longer goals this time, for the whole year.

Since I’ve been training for strength for 2 years I expected a massive slowdown in weight increases, but some changes in programming and workout volume, I’ve done more than I expected.

Original Goals:

By January 2013 I was looking to get 200kg Squat / 150kg Bench and a 250kg Deadlift.

It’s 6 months into the year and I’ve got the squat and bench done, and up to 230kg for deadlift.

I’m not going to increase my goals, I’ll just see where I end up at the end of the year and be more accurate next year!


UKSA 2012

I honestly thought that I would’ve entered a powerlifting or strongman competition by now, which would disqualify me from entering UKSA 2012, but 12 months on, I’ve not done any more competing.

S&P have opened applications again with a blog post:

I’m on the list again, still >90kg (around 107kg now) and stronger than last year.

My training started this week – 2 weeks before competition, and is mostly focused on technique.

The 2 events I feel I should work on most are:

1. Farmers Walk – 90kg for 36 metres with 1 turn.

I did this last year but thought it would help to put the weight down briefly at the turn, this technique cost a lot of energy picking it back up, so I’m working on the turn specifically to improve my time.

I’ve got a set of farmers for home, so i’ll do some practices every other day, working up to the full weight.

2. Axle Press for reps 80kg for 60 seconds

80kg was the log weight last year, which I got 5 or 6 reps with zero technique and no leg drive. I can comfortably do about 8 reps with 80kg on a barbell, which no leg drive, but need to work on my conditioning.

Each rep needs to be floor to shoulders, to overhead. This is extremely tiring for me since I only ever work to < 10 reps of a single lift.

I’m working on this on alternate days to farmers and trying to increase shoulder flexibility to get the bar touching my body at shoulder height, so the leg drive gives me momentum, instead of making it harder.


Can’t wait until comp time! I will upload some videos if I can.


190KG Squat (PB)

Just about parallel, bit of a weird sticking point though. Nice job on getting the weight in the shot Tom!

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S&P UKSA 2011: Followup

S&P Have fully written up the results from the competition, it can be found here: